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Top 10 Tips for Dating the Celebrity Woman of Your Dreams

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Although perhaps difficult or uncommon, getting the opportunity to date, or even one day marry the hot, beautiful celebrity babe of your dreams is all but impossible.

In fact, plenty of stars have done it in the past, and have gone on to live quite happy lives. So, if not anything, remember it’s always a competition – and obviously with someone more popular, it becomes more challenging. Be sure to check out the Top 10 Tips for Dating the Celebrity Woman of Your Dreams below, and get started today!

1. Using the Internet and Social Media

Social Media is a great place to start, so don’t hesitate to casually add your celebrity dream girl on things like Facebook or Twitter, and even feel free to drop her a mention-worthy message if and when the opportunity presents itself.

Try to play it cool, be reasonable, and understand that while she may not ignore you, it could easily take weeks or more for her to receive your message and reply.

2. Networking and Making it Work

The truth is, who you hang out with will often dictate the type of women you meet. So, while sure, most people would love to hang out with celebrities or friends of celebrities, the truth is such a privilege takes time. To get started, just be yourself, and try to work your way up the ladder if possible. Most importantly, try to start a life or work in places like New York City or even Beverly Hills to maximize your chances for exposure.

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3. Attend and Be There

While it may seem obvious, a lot of guys might underestimate it, but the truth is there’s nothing wrong with being a genuine fan. So, don’t be afraid to attend shows or go out of your way to possibly meet the celebrity woman of your dreams – this will also help for her to get to know you.

Just keep in mind, some celebrity babes will have strict rules about or against dating fans – so this is something you’ll just have to accept and prepare yourself for.

4. Know the Boundaries

It’s very important that you respect boundaries, so avoid imposing on the celebrity woman of your dreams – and if you do manage to get her number do not call her unexpectedly. Doing things like this could easily be perceived as ‘stalkerish’ – and rightfully so! Use great discretion, do not obsess, and if you already are, then it may be best for you to try focusing on someone and something else.

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5. Emailing and Writing a Letter

Generally speaking, there shouldn’t be any issues with dropping a line via email to the celebrity babe of your dreams. Try to be original, interesting, and honest. If there’s something worth talking about, a recent event, or something that she made that you really enjoyed, then there’s no harm in paying her a compliment.

Though, it’s worth pointing out that this is a good reason to do a little research first, which leads us to our next point.

6. Learning About Eachother

Try to look up the celebrity girl of your dreams, and see what types of things you might have in common – or things you might be interested in doing and trying out together one day.

Going off of the last point, if there is a local event coming up that you know she’ll be at, or would be interested in, feel free to invite her, contact her manager, or agent, and see if that’s something you could do. And, know that even though we live in the ‘digital age’, there’s nothing more original or flattering than writing a hand-written letter. Just keep in mind size, respect her time, and don’t send her more than a page or two – also avoid being too personal or coming on too strong. Remember, she may or may not reply, so be patient, reasonable, and respectful of her time.

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7. Being Yourself

Most importantly, and it’s often overlooked, just be yourself. Remember, your celebrity dream girl is a real person just like you, and at some point or another she wasn’t as popular and likely lived a very similar life to yours.

This might also be a point in which you should reconsider why you feel you are attracted to her, and whether or not all of this hard-work is worth it – or perhaps you’d be better off as just an ‘admirer’, or even online friends at the most.

8. Working and Hanging Out

Understandably, working, volunteering, and hanging out places where your celebrity babe or dream girl does is a sure-fire way to possibly bump into her. But, it, of course, has its drawbacks too, and again could be considered borderline stalker behavior. So, try to keep it simple, don’t overthink it, and just be natural. Also, know that she more than likely always has personal security with her, so do not touch her unknowingly, grab, or be disrespectful.

Just because you see her in public, does not necessarily mean she is available to speak – or at all for that matter. In fact, lots of celebrities never announce, or even let on that they’re married – just for the sake of ensuring her privacy.

On the bright side, you never know who you might meet along the way, both friends and women – the possibilities are endless.

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9. Volunteerism and Locality

It should be no surprise that celebrities are big on philanthropy and volunteerism. This means, that chances are it’s probably both likely and possible to meet her at an upcoming event to say hello.

10. Remember She’s Only Human

Last but not least, don’t forget, your celebrity crush is only human, and so are you. So, given this reality, and the possibility that you may or may not be a perfect match, obviously using discretion is a must.

Doing anything dramatic like relocating, changing your career goals, or the place you fulfill them may or may not be counterproductive, so take your time, and try to get a second opinion from a loved one or trusted friend before making any irreversible life-changing decisions.

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Finally, this should be a positive experience for you, and the truth is, no one can tell you your destiny. It may very well be meant to be, or it might not be for several more years, if at all. The truth is, if it’s meant to be, it could very well happen without even expecting it – so don’t stress yourself out over “what if’s”.

Just be yourself, don’t be overbearing, and should you land a date or relationship with the celebrity babe of your dreams, make sure you are respectful of her privacy, and do not make the situation awkward – or act like a “groupie”.