Date Hot Girls

The Psychology of Sexy Women: 10 Tips

ravishing long-haired sexy woman

Hot and sexy babes, no matter where you’re from or where you’re going, will always turn heads, and with you standing on the sideline, or being on the outside looking in it can feel like you’ll never have a shot at a woman like that.

But, in reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. You see, what it really comes down to is psychology, first understanding yourself, and then developing (or refining) your skills to understand other people, in this particular case, sexy women.

Following these 10 Tips will help you read women’s body language, emotions, wants and needs a whole lot better. No man has to consider themselves “too nerdy”, straight-edge or “ugly” to successfully land a date with, and even future with the sexiest woman they’ve ever seen.

1. First up, make it a point to start going out and about if you don’t already, and try to become more social able with women, regardless of venue.

If you don’t currently have many friends, this is no problem. Plenty of men are far too busy, and often get caught up with their work life to the point that they have little time to even eat or sleep, let alone go out and socialize.

So whether it’s making new guy friends at the gym (start working out if you can and haven’t already), or even at the clubs or coffee shop. The more “wingmen” you can create to take out with you in the future to pick up women, the better.

2. Going off of the last piece advice, having company with you can be a great advantage to picking up sexy women. Not just going with other guys, but if you have a beautiful, or sexy young friend that’s a woman (or several) then feel free to bring her along, as she too can play a “wingman” role.

This will spark the interest of other hot women, and make them wonder “What does she see in him?”, or, “Wow, he must be really likable and special, is that his girlfriend?”. Remember, this is a science, not a secret treasure impossible to reach by man.

3. Another great approach and way to practice flirting with, keeping the attention of, and building up your desirability with women is by talking and interacting with as many women as possible – no matter their shape or size, or level of true attraction.

This will not only help you to practice how to interact with a woman and build confidence, but it will also make any nearby sexy women wonder why you’re giving that girl attention, and not her. Also, hot women are hit on plenty enough as it is, so they like a “chase” or man that plays hard to get.

sexy babe on a black couch

4. If you interact with more women or start now, it will also help you to work on being more interesting, fun, and funny towards women in the long-run. These are the traits that sexy women look for in a man, this, and also confidence, logic, and intelligence.

They also desire a man that can stimulate their senses beyond cheesy pickup lines or sexual advances. You can appreciate, that these women have seen all types of men, heard it all before, and are more than likely tired of being hit on in general. This leads us to our next point.

5. When it comes to getting a sexy girls attention, or maintaining her interest, don’t be afraid to tease her a little, and “push” back at any tests she throws your way. For example, don’t be submissive, and don’t’ just “succumb” to anything and everything she says – have an opinion of your own and stand behind it.

Hot women are used to being hit on all the time, and having men offer to wait on them hand and feet just to have a chance at a date with them. For a lot of guys, though, they’re just a trophy they want to add to their cabinet.

So, set yourself apart, be original, and show this woman why you’re different. Give her seriously good reasons to like you, and don’t be afraid to try, or intentionally make her a little jealous – it’ll be fun for her, and more than likely out of the ‘norm’.

6. It’s important for you to consider and understand the differences between what sexy and attractive is. As a man, you have the ability to make yourself emotionally attractive with the vibes you give out, and how you present yourself. If possible, have a story or two to tell, and know how to interact with people of either sex. Women are by nature quite social, so it’s great if you know how to be too – and it’ll also show you have things in common.

7. Hot women are attracted to a man that displays the characteristics of a leader. So, you see you don’t need to meet her in a bar, or party necessarily. You may very well meet her at work, school, in a café, or out on the street, just doing what you do best or love, and being yourself.

A lot of good, attractive men don’t give themselves enough credit, and only think looks matter – and it really doesn’t as much as you’d think.

More than likely, you’re a good person, have genuine desires, are perhaps a bit shy, but in reality you know what you want, and its features just like that which will attract sexy, intelligent, fun, and ideal women for you to possibly make a future with!

bootylicious babe in a black bikini

8. Sexy women, both online and off have men sending them likely a hundred or more messages a day, so this is again why it’s important to stand out from the others, but how you ask? Well, for starters, if you do manage to score a date or two, or get the attention of a sexy woman that you really like, and want to get to know better, it’s best if you give her about half the effort in things that you usually would.

That’s right, and we know it sounds weird, but it’s true – and effective. Give her about half as much energy and efforts you would any other woman. She’s used to being flooded with attention, and frankly is likely tired of being idolized or only wanted for her looks.

So again, your objective is making yourself stand out from other men. Don’t be too “needy” or pushy, and keep in mind that there’s a big difference between being desperate and intimidating versus being confident – so don’t be a bully or hostile if she doesn’t dig you or respond as fast as you’d like.

9. This is a big one, gentlemen. It is also your responsibility to filter out “flakey” women, no matter how beautiful or sexy they are, it’s a reality you have to face. At the end of the day, women are only human, and there are bound to be a fair share of women who are spazzes or “crazy”, or simply just too much for you to handle or realistically desire in your life. Don’t be afraid to say no, avoid, or turn down a woman – no matter how beautiful or sexy she is.

10. Last but not least, understand – and this is very important – that many sexy, or even the most beautiful women you’ve ever seen, more than likely have or still feel now “inadequate”.

They are often judged on their looks, less personality, and few to no men have likely helped them see the good sides of themselves, or more importantly encourage and support them to be the absolute best person they can be.

So you see, it goes both ways, for men and women, and as human beings – from a psychological perspective – to making any relationship work, even a friendship. They all should include you bringing out the best in one another, supporting, and loving each other.

Extra Tips: Talk less, listen to the woman of your dreams, don’t be afraid to laugh, be funny, and be yourself. If you want to “cold approach” a woman somewhere, do it with creativity. Say something original, ask her for advice for a friend, or even about a nice, fun local place.

Pay close attention to details, and if you notice something about her, something she’s wearing, or doing and you know about, then comment on it. You might be surprised at how much you have in common or how appealing you are to her, and this could easily a date – or at minimum at least give you more practice at interacting with, and making new friends.