Date Hot Girls

So You Want to Date Hot Latin Girls?


Chicas latinas calientes. Or, meninas quente Latina. However it is said in the native tongue, hot Latin girls make an impact. Their Mexican, Portuguese or Spanish heritage has made certain that their blood is boiling. With these girls, you cannot be shy.

Hot Latin girls want guys who have eyes just for them and hearts pumping hot fury for the opportunity to meet them and be with them and do things for them.

Oh, you have heard they may be hot tempered; it goes along with the hot moniker they so richly deserve. How to handle a hot Latin girl? Simple; don’t make her mad. She can be hot without being angry.

hot-latin-girlBut, there are secrets to be had and revealed in order to know just how to handle hot Latin girls.

  • The first is easy, love her. No, keep your hands to yourself for now, we didn’t mean that. All things to those who wait (but not too long!).
  • Love her from afar, but not too far. Be there, and be willing to give her all that she needs.
  • Love is sacrifice; mostly of your time, for now.
  • Let her know she can depend on you; then, be dependable.
  • Don’t tell her she will have the moon from you and then go out to play poker with the guys.
  • Do things with her; things she likes to do. If she wants to learn how to play poker, teach her. But if she wants to buy a new pair of shoes, you had best accompany her if she asks for your opinion.

Be honest with her. Don’t tell her you’re a sanitary engineer if you’re a garbage collector. When you see her, look nice, dress well, be well-mannered and keep her company. She will appreciate an honest, hard-working job and an honest, hard-working man filling it.

Bring her flowers, just because. Cut flowers do fade in time, so replace them often and let her know what they mean to you because of her. Hot does not mean indifferent and does not mean she is not willing to be attracted by your encouragement of her charm.

But don’t wait for her to start affectionate treatment. Hot Latin girls expect their men to be aggressive, but with patience. If she resists, but still smiles and wants you to be with her, back-off and be patient. The attentive man will sense the right time and place let romance have a chance to bloom.