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Jennifer Lawrence – Hotter Than You Think


jlaw-looking-sexy-in-an-old-school-swimsuitJennifer (Shrader) Lawrence

DOB: August-15-1990

Place of Birth: Louisville, Kentucky, U.S

Current Occupation: Actress/Director/Model

While Jennifer Lawrence is a super-sexy chick for all the guys to enjoy a look at, she is more than just the superstar of The Hunger Games Series. Starting at a young age, Jennifer began modeling through bumping into a recruiter while visiting New York City—remember, she was just a country girl.

At one point, perhaps not so surprisingly, throughout the progression of her career, Lawrence modeled for the popular Abercrombie & Fitch fashion brand. Outside of her only boyfriend from the X-Men movie series X-Men: First Class and X-Men: Days of Future Past, Nicholas Hoult, Lawrence seems to keep her dating life very private, or it seemingly remains non-existent.

Lawrence has a ton of accomplishments, awards and nominee recognitions for many acting roles, responsibilities, and successes through widening her opportunities both on-stage and off! However, some have recently speculated that her efforts at being a successful movie star have prevented or interfered with her ability to successfully be in and maintain a relationship.

Yet, this shouldn’t be any surprise, considering her annual addition to multiple movie roles, nominations, awards, and global recognition for her outstanding acting skills! Jennifer has two older brothers, Blaine and Ben. Ironically enough, this country girl actually grew up on a farm in Louisville, Kentucky with four ponies!

Lawrence is very close with and loves her family very much, often bringing reference or recognition to them for where she is today and her success—as she did publicly after accepting an Oscar award in the past. Lawrence impressively graduated High School 2 years in advance, with a GPA of 3.9 so she could focus on acting and practicing her skills in various plays and theatre events and shows.

Lawrence is fairly tall, at about 5”7 inches. She has a very physically attractive body, is not afraid to show it off, and seems to love playing Tennis and other sports openly in her personal outdoor courts. Recently, Lawrence apparently purchased the home of another stunningly sexy Hollywood Star, Jessica Simpson, pretty cool right?

In the Movie American Hustle (2013), Lawrence shows her very seductive side, showing off her sexy body in various outfits throughout the movie, as well as appeasing and attempting to seduce her lover into bed. Contrary to popular belief or chatter, Lawrence was not in the movie Avatar (2009), but she was in X-Men (2011), another opportunity to show off her stunning fit body, breasts, and to drive the guys wild!

Not only sexy, but also generous with a huge heart, Lawrence has contributed greatly by giving back not only to her home town through fundraisers, but by also being an active participant in the World Food Programme, Feeding America, and The Thirst Project. Lawrence has also produced, donated, and matched donations throughout multiple instances and organizations for various causes both prior, and throughout her acting career.


Lawrence has great sex appeal to men because she has that ‘girl next door’ look to her, yet she has a strong, independent, and ‘broish’ feel to her because of her roles in popular films such as The Hunger Games, or other films in which she—without hesitation—decapitates a squirrel without thinking twice. Katniss, as we all love to call her, truly is a warrior and a survivor!

While there were some nude-photos of Lawrence leaked online, accessing and discussing them has seemingly been looked down upon, and Lawrence herself addressed the situation while admitting to them being authentic, publicly ‘shaming’ anyone who accesses them. But, you know what they say, once on the Internet—always on the Internet. Sorry Lawrence!

With her stunning body, Lawrence is expected to star as Mystique yet again in X-Men: Apocalypse, in 2016! We absolutely love the curves on Katniss, in all the right places, and she is definitely well fed and appealing to the eyes up high.

Men seeking an anorexic—Paris Hilton—like body-figures should move on! Katniss has plenty of curves, yet still prides herself in remaining physically active, strengthening her acting career, and positively contributing to the lives around her—all the while remaining fashionable and sexy!

Starting as far back as The Garden Party (2008), Lawrence continues to expand her acting career, playing various roles, and all the more impressively coming from a background in which she minimally received actual professional acting training—she acquired most of her skills through independent practice and (small time) experiences pursued on her own or with the support of her family!

While there was an actual official acting program at her school, Lawrence decided to skip over this and apply her own techniques, skills and desires to guide the way to her success today! She has played the role as an extra in multiple films in the past, including the Monk television series, seemingly working her way to the top through this Hollywood method!

Lawrence “Katniss” is so stunningly beautiful that she was even elected to star and market the Dior’s 2013 Spring Collection through globally published magazines! With her most recent activity being a star in movies with Bradley Cooper, people are starting to wonder, are they a match made in heaven for one another or is there something more to this connection?

It couldn’t just be coincidence.

Men, if you’re seeking confidence, pride, a fit and well fed body, and a woman who isn’t afraid to get dirty, then Jennifer Lawrence is your Star!