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Chelsy Davy

Full name: Chelsy Yvonne Davy

DOB: October 13, 1985

Place of birth: Bulawayo, Zimbabwe!/ChelsyDavy

On October 13, 1985 Chelsy Davy was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, to Charles, a safari farmer, and Beverley “Bev” Davy, a former Miss Coca-Cola Rhodesia.

Chelsy has a younger brother, Shaun Davy. Chelsy Davy grew up at her family’s homestead in the Lemco Safari Area.

Chelsy Davy Highlights

  • Striking blonde from Africa who is independently wealthy
  • Drives a Mercedes
  • Parties with Prince Harry
  • Moved to England to study law
  • Has always dreamed of becoming one of Africa’s top models.

Chelsy split from Harry in January 2009, got back together September 2009, split again November 2010.  Chelsy is often described as a wild and bubbly “Paris Hilton of Zimbabwe. Interesting enough, Chelsy Davy is the polar opposite of Prince William’s Kate Middleton.   It has been said that Chelsy first caught Harry’s eye when the royal ginger was out partying with his mates at a club in Cape Town.  Apparently, Harry spotted Chelsy from the VIP room. He beckoned that she should come join him. Kate’s dad is one of the largest private landowners in Zimbabwe and one of the country’s very few happy white people.

Chelsy has not been in spotlight much nowadays.  Perhaps she will reappear soon with some modelling agency or a film.  And who knows she may once again begin a relationship with Prince Harry.  Never say never.